Euro MPs drop anti-NSA amendment offering Snowden asylum protection

The European Parliament has been thrown into disarray over an amendment urging it to ensure the safety of Edward Snowden. The ex-NSA contractor’s name was dropped from the draft, which now merely calls for the protection of whistleblowers in general.

The parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee convened Wednesday to start voting on over 500 amendments to a report recounting results of the first-ever inquiry into the NSA and GCHQ scandal. The 60-page document condemns the scale and the impact of mass surveillance exposed by Snowden, who now lives in Russia.

The Greens, a small faction in the European Parliament, along with a minority of liberals and leftist MPs, had submitted an amendment to ensure Snowden’s safety should he emerge from hiding. The whistleblower has been considered a witness in the inquiry.

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Rand Paul Sues Obama Over NSA Spying, States Join Revolt

Today, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) finally did what he had been threatening to do for months: He officially filed a class-action lawsuit against the Obama administration, the National Security Agency and a host of other security officials regarding a US surveillance program that collects information on millions of American citizens.

Senator Paul announced the lawsuit to ‘defend the Fourth Amendment’ yesterday in a video on his official YouTube channel to coincide with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Today We Fight Back campaign. (See below)

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The Day We Fought Back

Of course, the battle didn’t begin today. The groups that organized this action have long been pushing hard for real surveillance reform. But we knew that the time was ripe—that the Snowden leaks, unrelenting media pressure, grassroots activism, and even pressure from within Congress—were creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to give the public—worldwide—the chance to voice its opposition to mass spying. We knew that 6,000+ websites were committing to stand with us in a global day of action, that dozens of advocacy organizations worldwide would fight with us. What we didn’t know was how big today’s stand against mass spying would be.

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Utah Bill Could Shut Off Water to NSA Data Center

Can Utah shut down the new NSA data center by turning off the water?

A bill proposed by state Rep. Marc Roberts seeks to do just that.

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Nullify NSA Campaign at Agency’s Front Door: Maryland Bill Bans State Resources for Spy Agency

Snowden Confirms Spy Agency Launched False Flag Attacks and Used Honey Traps

We’ve repeatedly noted that the spy agencies aren’t just like giant peeping Tom’s, but they use their capabilities in mischievous offensive actions.

We’ve warned since 2009 (and see this) that the government could be launching cyber “false flag attacks” in order to justify a crackdown on the Internet and discredit web activists.

A new report from NBC News shows that the British spy agency used “false flag attacks” and other dirty tricks:

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Turn Every E-mail Into Stand Against Mass Surveillance

In one simple step, you can turn every e-mail you send into a warning and protest against the National Security Agency’s (NSA) mass surveillance programs. My organization, the Government Accountability Project, is distributing and encouraging use of a Privacy Statement for all Internet users to adopt as part of their signature line in their online communications:

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One small step for a man…

Greenwald Will Return to US to ‘Force Issue’ of Press Freedom

Journalist Glenn Greenwald says he plans to brave government threats and intimidation and return to the United States to “force the issue” of press freedom.

In an exclusive interview with Salon reporter Brian Beutler published Thursday, Greenwald said he’ll return “as soon as [his] schedule permits and there’s a reason to do so.”

He stated, “I’m going to go back to the U.S. for many reasons, but just the fucking principle is enough … On principle I’m going to force the issue.”

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