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My Favorite Political Cartoon of the Year

(Lightsigns)With no need for excessive consideration i can easily name “The Sleeping Giant Finally Wakes Up” from Ben Garrison as my personal favorite political cartoon of the year (2013). A most powerful and very true picture about the state of affairs of not just the USA but basicly the whole planet. We finally managed to get the truth out about what’s going on, and enough people all over the world have come to recognize the true reason(s) for all the major problems we’re facing. As a result, we’re steadily turning the tables and 2013 was a year of great success.

The bad guys are cornered, almost all of their moves are quickly exposed, many of them immediately backfiring, and with each new desperate attempt to somehow hold on to their diminishing power they expose themselves even more, not even requiring much further analysis on our part to point out the facts. I choose to conclude with a common Klingon exclamation: Qapla’!

With that in mind, i wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, knowing that 2014 is going to be even much, much better. We are winning, and there is nothing that could stop us anymore. Exciting times ahead.

Cartoons (25)

Video Report – Saturday Night Live Spoofs Barack Hussein Obama’s Fake Sign Language Interpreter Who Made Up Gibberish for His 19 Minute Nelson Mandela Speech

By now, you know that Barack Obama’s entire Nelson Mandela memorial speech was signed by a fake sign language interpreter.

The event drew so much public attention and negative press that Saturday Night Live couldn’t help but address the incident with a skit.

Here’s the brief clip:

Watch here » 😀

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