Living near Natural Gas Fracking Sites increases Infant Birth Defects

Although fracking already attracts controversy as an allegedly bio-hazardous industry, a new study takes it up a notch by showing that the practice can badly impact the health of unborn children.

Babies still in their mothers’ wombs living within a 10-mile range of fracking wells are in much greater danger of congenital heart defects (CHD) and neural tube defects (NTD). This was surmised in a recent study correlating birth data with geographical locations of gas wells and congenital conditions.

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How anyone could be pro-fracking is beyond my comprehension.


World Renowned Physicist Explains The Reality Of “Free Energy” & How It’s Accessible

Our world is constantly bombarded with the idea that we are facing an energy crises, that resources are too scarce in order for us to provide enough energy for the billions that inhabit the planet today. Barack Obama has constantly urged the country to accelerate the pace toward adopting clean energy technologies that can free us from our dependence on oil. His administration and many others continually ignore the truth of zero point energy, also known as “free energy.” He constantly points out how we are making progress, that our dependence on foreign oil is declining, and that we will need to use natural resources to generate energy. We don’t need to use natural resources, there are better ways, and “free energy” could be one of them.

The reality of free energy cannot be denied, the controversy that comes into question is whether we can tap into it, and generate enough of it so that it can be useful. A lot of evidence points to the fact that we can, and already have.

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State Department Confirms Keystone XL Fails President’s Own Climate Test

The State Department released its review of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline for tar sands oil on Friday. Industry representatives tried to gloss over the conclusions right out of the gate. But there is no hiding from the facts.

The review gives President Obama everything he needs to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Now as that’s settled, you only need to use your pen, Mr. Obama. Dogma?

Argentine Activists Win First Round Against Monsanto

CORDOBA, Argentina – Residents of a town in Argentina have won the first victory in their fight against biotech giant Monsanto, but they are still at battle stations, aware that winning the war is still a long way off.

For four months activists in Malvinas Argentinas, a town in the central province of Cordoba, have maintained a blockade of the construction site where the U.S. transnational company is building the world’s biggest maize seed treatment plant.

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One small step for a man… you know, even a small victory is still a victory and another step forward.

U.S. Solar Jobs Up 19.9% Since Last Year

Last week, The Solar Foundation released its National Solar Jobs Census 2013, which found that the U.S. solar industry employed 142,698 Americans as of November 2013.

This figure includes the addition of 23,682 solar workers over the previous year, representing 19.9 percent growth in employment since September 2012. During the period covered by the Census, solar employment grew 10 times faster than the national average employment rate of 1.9 percent. This growth rate is also significant in that it shows—for the first time ever—the solar industry exceeded the growth projections made in the previous year’s report.

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Woo-Hoo! Shell Ditches Its Arctic Drilling Plans

‘Victory for grassroots activism’ as energy giant says its 2014 Alaska exploration plans are shelved.

To the cheers of environmental groups, fossil fuel giant Shell announced Thursday that it is shelving its plans to drill in the Alaskan Arctic in 2014.

The company cited a court decision from last week that found that the U.S. Department of the Interior did not accurately assess the potential environmental impacts from a spill in the region.

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Construction Begins on Australia’s Largest Utility-Scale Solar Project

On Jan. 27, First Solar started the construction of Australia’s largest utility-scale solar project, a 250 hectare solar plant in Nyngan, New South Wales (NSW).

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