Please Stop Bashing the Wrong People

(Lightsigns)Lately, i keep stumbling upon a growing number of quite worrisome blog posts like this one:

Thank you Florida, Kentucky and Missouri, which are the first states which will require drug testing when applying for welfare.

Some people are crying and calling this unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional??? It’s OK to drug test people who work for THEIR money, but not for those who don’t…

Re-blog this if you would like to see this done in ALL 50 states! If you can afford to buy drugs and extra illegal things then you can afford your own groceries.

Stuff like this seems to get blogged and re-blogged on numerous sites i’m currently monitoring. I won’t post a link this time to any of the blogs where i found the above example because i don’t want to accuse my fellow freedom lovers of anything – we’re all sometimes mistaken – but it seems like even otherwise well-informed people still keep falling for the same old tricks.

The name of the game in this case is: Divide-And-Conquer, and the above article is just another example out of many for this kind of propaganda.

Let’s examine this short article a little closer:

Some people are crying and calling this unconstitutional. How is this unconstitutional???

Subjecting anyone who has done no harm to another to an illegal search without a warrant is, by definition, unconstitutional and a violation of human rights.

It is my god-given right to put anything into my body that i so choose, and nobody has a right to invade my privacy. A reasonable exception in this particular case would be if i was doing something that could endanger others, like driving a car. But as long as i just hang around and pose no threat to others, then i wish to be left alone, and it matters not if you add multiple question marks after that question of yours.

It’s OK to drug test people who work for THEIR money, but not for those who don’t…

Oh boy. Now we are making a distinction between people who did no harm to anyone and others who also did no harm to anyone? MY money, THEIR money, GRRRR! Of course in all caps. Who shouts the loudest wins.

As usual, they tell you that if you’re working your ass off for the elites and hate your slave life, just look at those even worse off, and blame them! Et voila, steam blown off, now get back to work. And remember: a loaf of bread for the poor is now viewed as something bad. Dogma?

Furthermore, instead of pointing out that the real problem is the illegality of any search or seizure without a warrant, the phrase above goes out proposing even more tyranny by arguing that not just some, but all humans should have their rights taken away and be subjected to illegal searches!

Translation: “If i’m perfectly fine with being a slave, then i insist that others be slaves, too! Now go and make this viral, dammit!”

May i point out that less than 0.1 percent of the 1%’s wealth would be enough to end hunger world-wide, that there are even individuals living on our planet who could do this single-handedly? Does the writer of that article realize that the parasites who plague our planet have stolen so much from us that it would be a piece of cake to provide all humans on Earth with free food, energy, health care and everything that’s required for an existence worthy of a human being, without breaking a sweat? Too many people on this planet are still completely unable to wrap their heads around the mind-blowing magnitude of economic slavery that has been imposed on us.

It looks like we still got alot of work to do in terms of education. Do your research about “Divide And Conquer”, a technique which is thousands of years old: bash the poor, the victims, the little people. Everybody at each other’s throat.

If people use drugs, it might be because they feel apathetic, isolated, powerless and hopeless because nobody cares to guide them, to welcome them to participate in what could be a true human society, to feel needed, or even loved. Maybe those people are living in some urban ghetto with no chance to run a “grocery” in their miserably small appartments? Just maybe…

Not to mention those “extra illegal things” which of course sounds extra suspicious & creepy but is nevertheless nothing but a completely unfounded claim without a shred of evidence just for the sake of putting others in a bad light, outright accusing ‘them’ to be some sort of shady criminals, all of them.

Please stop listening to those who finger the little people for the world’s woes and throw nothing but hatred against them. The people accused in that article are, like you and me, in the same struggle against the real parasites, even if some of them might not actually realize that.

Wouldn’t it be better to reach out to others to help them and in turn gain their support so we can together focus on the real bad guys, the sociopaths who run our economy, our governments and all major wars?

What we are currently working on is to educate others that we are indeed all one, all equal, that we don’t need to lash out at each other for irrelevant trivialities. There is no need to shut down our brains when we face such kind of propaganda.

On the contrary, reading between the lines keeps our brains in check, keeps us from distributing such garbage even further and in turn helps keeping those articles out of our blogs and in where they belong: the trash can of humanity.


2 Responses to Please Stop Bashing the Wrong People

  1. Brittius says:

    One standard for all – not tiered standards as it was with monarchy.
    I agree, what you do is your concern, until my tax dollars pay for it. No dice.

    • lightsigns says:

      One standard for all is fine with me. Freedom for everyone.
      I know the critique in my post might sound harsh but it simply disturbs me how people keep distracting themselves with peanuts. Free food for all is cheap and noone would notice any real difference in their purses. One less banker bailout would more than compensate for all the food we ever need. 700 billion (1 single bankster bailout) is equal to 23 years of free food for all humans on the planet. And if people suffer from a drug addiction, they should be pitied and helped, not attacked. Who am i to deny any human food?

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