It’s Coming – And Don’t be Afraid

The news & developments in the last few years show it pretty clearly, the so-called “Cabal” is losing it’s formerly overwhelming grip on most parts of the world – on all fronts. The bad guys, you know. Call them as you please, the Banksters, the Globalists, the Illumitati, the Whatevers. Some already call them “The Powers That Were”.

There was a time when even some politicians were fooled, but that’s become virtually impossible meanwhile. Anyone in any public office of any significance who’s not living under a giant rock has learned at least some basics about what’s going on. And nobody likes it, except for a few hopeless sociopaths who are voluntarily engaged in all this. But we are many, they are few.

Not all politicians are bad. Not all bankers are bad. Not all secret service employees are bad, and likewise are factory workers, computer programmers and musicians. We all share one thing in common: noone wants to hand over all the power to a small group of lunatics, or to any small group of people for that matter.

The Cabal (as i like to name the “Bad Guys”) are losing ground in the Middle East, South America, Asia, even parts of Europe. And while e.g. the Iran is on their “menu” because of their independence from the Cabal’s banking system, with each nation the Cabal swallows in the Middle East, other nations take a stance against them. And more and more of their actions and intentions are laid bare with each passing day.

Don’t believe for a second that normal, reasonable, decent human beings would idly sit by and let such a takeover happen just so. There is resistance everywhere around the world. Inside political offices, intelligence agencies, businesses and of course amongst ordinary peoples.

The width & depth of the Cabal’s influence is indeed tough to believe, especially for people who are not connected to any of those activities. But this is what artificial scarcity plus corruption leads to. “Wanna keep your high-pay job? Just look away and you’ll be fine.” You’d be surprised how cheaply e.g. some so-called journalists give away their integrity. Make no mistake, every bigger prime-time TV figurehead in the corporate-controlled news outlets knows that they’re reading lies as “news”. Do you really believe that anyone would pay multi-million dollar wages to someone who reads text from a sheet of paper if there wasn’t more to it?

The problem is – or has been – that everybody only knows that much. Noone’s got the whole picture. Oh yeah, Saddam doesn’t have WMD’s, but who cares, hes a dictator, and hes dangerous, right?

Meanwhile, things are different. The rise of the alternative media has brought to light all the information you need to see the big picture, and also how deep the rabbit hole goes. It’s up to you to decide about just how much you can stomach. But then, why is all this still going on?

The main tool for the Cabal to keep their sick fantasy afloat is money. It’s used to accumulate power, bribe certain others or use force if the latter doesn’t work. Such a system inherently attracts psychopaths, people with no empathy who absolutely don’t care about others. Some of those can be used to do the dirty work. And then there are the blackmailed ones, those who either have done something they cannot or don’t want to get exposed or other, innocent individuals who are simply threatened in a most serious manner. People who are trapped in an accumulating mountain of fear, guilt, shame and/or greed. Afterall, money and power is highly addictive. How did Henry Kissinger put it? “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac”.

But there are also those who stay silent because they’re waiting for the right time. They have accumulated all the information that is needed to bring the bad guys down. And eventually some are even actively engaged in resisting those dark forces, obviously also with a high degree of secrecy, as it is very difficult to organize in larger groups without being detected.

And there are entire nations and alliances of nations who have sided against the Cabal. Everybody knows that the current path of humanity must lead to destruction, and that’s something nobody wants. Afterall, apocalypse worshippers are everybody’s enemy. People have come to realize that the old oligarchies are a matter of the past, they don’t work anymore. Even the various oligarchs have realized that. It’s time to stop the insanity, once and for all.

Take, for example, the latest revelations about organized religion, the excessive crimes committed by church clerics, the child kidnapping rings for the oligarchs, all the government black ops exposed in recent years, the never-ending lies that are told to scare people into accepting war after war, the size of the war industry, and the mind-blowing mega-scam of fiat money, all fictive, based on debt that doesn’t exist.

The problem for the Cabal is that everyone is threatened by this, all the other oligarchs as well, not just Joe Sixpack. And there is also that precious little blue marble called “Earth”, that overwhelmingly beautiful thing with it’s priceless biosphere which is also heavily suffering, almost to the point of extinction. Psychopaths don’t care about any of this, just look at what’s happening in Fukushima and you can easily see the effect of money and corruption exposed in full detail.

But the tide has turned. Big time. Look at the latest slap-in-the-face of the warmongers in Washington, applied in a sophisticated move by the rest of the world. Even Mr. Cameron got voted down in the UK by his own parliament. In Germany, “mainstream” boulevard newspapers reported that Assad had nothing to do with the attacks while Putin told Obama: “You just sit down and we’ll choose a diplomatic solution”. Nothing of that caliber happens by coincidence. If the Cabal were still in control, they wouldn’t be crushed like that all over the planet. And eventually, polls in the USA have shown that 91% of the US citizens were against an attack on Syria. They don’t buy it anymore. The so-called “mainstream media” has lost virtually all credibility it had left.

Now it’s time to tighten the grip on the dark ones. This has to be done in a way that is as peaceful and smooth as possible, and eventually, with as little pain as possible for those who are still entirely clueless about all this, and about what has been done to them – to us all. The brainwashing, the poisoning, the child trafficking, the mass murders, the unbelievable financial rape, the psy-ops and the lies. This is going to be especially tough for the American people who were at the epicenter of all this, who will eventually come to realize what has been done in their name all over the world.

But don’t be afraid. With the big “bang” there also comes relief. Massively. The good guys are not planning to leave people starving or anything like that. There is enough for everybody, enough energy, enough money, enough resources, enough technology. It will be rightfully taken back from the bad ones who illegally robbed everyone blind. The time is ripe and from what i can see, everyone is on the move to get things done.

Ultimately, there are only two possible developments remaining: total destruction – apocalypse – or the dawn of a truly golden age. And since noone wants the former, i’m looking forward to what many people call “The Event”. No more fear.


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