New UN Report On Syria Same As Old Report On Syria

Three years into the tragic and completely avoidable catastrophe that has taken place inside Syria, the Anglo-American establishment continues to refuse to abandon the propaganda narratives and false accusations made against Bashar al-Assad and Syrian government forces. Being forced to grasp at straws for some time now as the erroneous claims made against the Syrian Army have fallen apart time and again, the Anglo-American powers, in concert with their Middle Eastern puppet states and United Nations global government structure, now appear to be doing nothing more than throwing accusations against the wall in order to see what sticks.

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Exactly. But then, there is a positive aspect to this – the propaganda lies are getting more & more ridiculous each and every day, to the point where the cabal completely destroys it’s own credibility. Boy are they desperate to keep their war of aggression against Syria going. Can you say ‘desperate’? Because that’s all that’s left of this once-so-powerful group.


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