US Feigns “Horror” Over Cooked-Up Report on Syrian War They Engineered

As with every Western-backed conference assembled regarding Syria, dramatic fabrications revealed just ahead of proceedings are intended to give them and their predetermined outcomes both gravity and “urgency.” Upcoming “peace talks” to be held in Switzerland are no exception. A report cooked up by the unelected dictatorship in Qatar is based on an anonymous source, codename “Caesar,” and remains admittedly unverified.

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Admittedly unverified. But hey, that’s likely not gonna stop guys like John Kerry talk about “undeniable evidence” one more time, as he did over the completely debunked “Assad did the poisoning” lie that is already dead & buried. They really, really want to mug Syria, don’t they? I wonder if anybody will fall for it. I also wonder, how does it feel to get caught lying over and over and still trying the same thing again and again?

And by the way, just to make this abundantly clear: interfering in another nation’s affairs over this and then starting a war of aggression against that nation and it’s innocent people has already been punished with death sentences in the Nürnberg trials against the lame excuses of the Nazis after WW2. It’s illegal, immoral, a war crime and a crime against humanity. Always been, always will.


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