Putin Passes Anti-gay Propaganda Law, Not Anti-gay Law ~ by Greg Giles

Many readers may be familiar with the stories that have propagated the news throughout the United States in the past few months or so regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged attack on the gay and lesbian community of Russia.What you are being told by the US mainstream media is another lie. As we have discussed, Putin and his administration have defeated the New World Order agenda and have removed from all positions of power those members of the middle management teams that take their orders from the European oligarchs who occupy the top position of the pyramid power structure.

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Finally, someone mentions the endless propaganda distraction about abortion and gay rights. See, the reason why i do not post articles about such issues on my blog (Lightsigns) is because it’s irrelevant, at least when it comes to the humanity vs. the cabal situation. Of course the bad guys couldn’t care less about gay rights. It’s nothing but divide-and-conquer propaganda, and yes, it also fits their Agenda 21. So if you’re searching for Duck Dynasty news, you will be out of luck on this blog. It’s just a meaningless distraction, and i’m not here to waste your time with this. Every single time when it comes to political elections, the discussions about abortion and/or gay rights are coming up, over and over again, since ages, because it helps them to avoid talking about the real issues, like the criminal anti-human parasites they are working for.


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