The Lie of Global Warming – Proof of Communist Indoctrination

Hanging on the walls of Oklahoma’s Northeastern State University are several posters declaring the schools purpose and mission; one of the mission statements proudly proclaims the intent to create responsible global citizens. No doubt that there are several other schools with such signs hanging in their halls. The University of Oklahoma, for example, has posters all over their school of medicine describing their up and coming doctors as “social change agents.” You can rest assure that under the guise of public safety these young “in-doctrinates” into the world of “social change” will be taught that it is socially responsible to ask their patients if they own guns. Yes, gun control is just as much a part of the global efforts to affect “social change,” in order to seat in the new world government, as global warming is. You are already seeing efforts on the part of the unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency to limit gun rights by declaring lead a pollutant. Need I say more?

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