South Carolina Expects to Pass Model Legislation to Gut Obamacare – FreedomWorks Asks Other States to Follow

Republican lawmakers led a rally to gain support for a bill that would essentially kill Obamacare. State senator Tom Davis (R – District 46) believes that not only will the bill pass, it will become model legislation for other states to eliminate Obamacare.

Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks, said, “I’m honored to be at the South Carolina state house where the front lines in the fight against Obamacare is happening right now. We can nullify Obamacare, we can defund it, we can stop it, but it has to happen from the bottom up. It has to be done in states like South Carolina that is leading the fight. Already 36 states have refused to implement Obamacare exchanges. 21 states have refused to accept the Medicaid money. I’m asking other states to take on this fight after South Carolina succeeds to stop Obamacare in its tracks.”

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