People Against the NDAA: “The Resistance is Just Getting Started”

The number of states taking action against the indefinite detention provision contained within the National Defense Authorization Act is growing. Additionally, the strong wording of legislation, like that of New Hampshire’s bill to be introduced in early 2014, is a positive sign that the federal government is being put on notice that tyranny in America will not be tolerated. In fact, supporting such tyranny will be outright banned, and the local officers that cooperate with illegal federal dictates will be subjected to possible criminal prosecution.

Central to this opposition is the fine work conducted by The Tenth Amendment Center and P.A.N.D.A – People Against the NDAA. Their personal story for 2013 is available in the below chronicle from founder, Dan Johnson. It should serve as a template for the type of organization, strategy, hard work and determination that must exemplify activism as we move toward 2014. Many challenges await . . . and so do many victories.

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