New York Doctors Blast Obamacare, Sue Obamacare Pro-Genocide Insurer, United Healthcare

The Medical Society of the State of New York filed a federal lawsuit Dec. 23, asking the Eastern District Court to intervene to prevent the rapacious United Healthcare from dropping nearly 2,000 New York doctors from its Medicare plans that go into effect under Obamacare on January 1.

The lawsuit specifically says that United Healthcare terminated doctors’ contracts in order to offset “reduced federal payments under the Affordable Care Act.” Further, United Healthcare is “shifting the financial burdens imposed by the Affordable Care Act from itself, a multibillion-dollar company,” to providers and patients, especially the elderly and significantly ill. The head of the Medical Society of the State of New York, Sam Unterricht, told the New York Post this week that under the Affordable Care Act, doctors would get paid 20 percent or even 40 percent less per patient. The doctors would either absorb the loss, or give less service, part of the T-4 death plan intent of the Act.

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