Windows XP: Microsoft’s Ticking Time Bomb

The final deadline for Windows XP support will act as a starting pistol for hackers, as they target hundreds of millions of users on unpatched systems.

Microsoft has already granted the 12-year-old OS several stays of execution, but the firm has said it will finally end extended support on 8 April 2014 – despite the fact that XP remains the second-most popular OS, with almost a third of PCs running it.

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WARNING: if you still run Windows XP, you will be forced to abandon it between now and April 2014. And if you do, you will have to install a new system from scratch anyhow, so why buy any new Windows version if you can choose between hundreds of Linux distributions which are free to use, open-source and contain no malware whatsoever? You will still have a desktop with icons, start menu, quicklaunch panel etc., as well as tenthousands of free softwares for all kinds of purposes, including browsers (Firefox etc.), media players, email, office and everything else you need, much more than what is offered by commercial operating systems. And don’t worry about fiddling with dozens of driver CDs – the Linux Kernel provides everything for you.

If you’re new to this, i’d recommend Linux Mint for a start, which comes in 4 different flavors (desktops): Cinnamon (a rather young, good-looking desktop which i find promising albeit a few minor bugs), MATE (based on Gnome but more conservative), KDE (a huge, great-looking, mature & very powerful desktop, although not ideal on slow computers), or XFCE (another pretty conservative, fast & non-annoying desktop which is my personal favorite). There are many more possible choices out there, but this is what the Linux Mint community has chosen to maintain. And we’re talking about just one of hundreds of Linux distributions out there. Linux Mint is simply one of the most beginner-friendly choices.

Discover a new world of software freedom, security and freedom of choice, and get your computer (and yourself) out of the corporate software matrix. With Linux, you can enjoy using your computer once again and become the boss on your system – not the other way around. Don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt. And once you made the transition, you will probably not want to look back – ever.

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Why Linux Is Better – in case anyone asks…


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