Bob Graham: Court Ruling On Saudis “Could Collapse The Dam Of Cover Up”

“This is a very significant breakthrough that could collapse the dam of cover up which has kept information on the Saudis involvement from the American people,” former U.S. Senator Bob Graham, reacting to the Dec. 19 ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, told Broward Bulldog in a story posted this morning.


Sen. Graham also hinted to the Bulldog that further moves to declassify the censored 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11, are underway, in addition to the Jones-Lynch bill in Congress. “Without being able to go into details, I can tell you that there are some other channels that are also beginning to move on the 28 pages,” he said on Friday. “I feel more optimistic about their release in the near term than I have in a dozen years.”

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