Thailand: Third Mass Mobilization Floods Bangkok’s Streets

For the third time in the past two months, hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters took to the streets from early morning until late night, paralyzing Thailand’s capital of Bangkok throughout the day. Major roads were turned into walking streets as tens of thousands of protesters assembled at each of over 10 stages throughout the city’s major intersections.

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Good article, not just explaining the reasons for the uprisings (contrary to recent Reuters propaganda), but also stating a number of concrete demands by Thailand’s people. If protesters would only demand “regime change” then that’s all they would get: Obama 2.0. But in Thailand, it seems that the people know about the problem and therefor what to do to remove their nation from the tentacles of the banksters and their lapdogs, i.e., the US/EU, Monsanto, Big Pharma & Big Oil. Contrary to those staged pro-EU protests in the Ukraine, the events in Thailand are genuine, real actions by people who not just apparently know much better but who are also better organized.


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