Students Receive Doomsday Climate Propaganda

The leftist brainwashing campaign within our public school system has been well documented over the past several decades. With the recent adoption by many states of a federally mandated curriculum plan, however, such anecdotal evidence has increased exponentially. For this reason, conservative parents have been rightfully critical of the Common Core standards backed by the Obama administration.

Along with issues such as guns and sexuality, educators are increasingly interested in exclusively presenting the far-left view regarding global warming. Despite the fact that recent science has disproved countless absurd projections by the radical environmentalist crowd, students are still being taught that man-caused climate change will have apocalyptic results.

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The good thing is, now as the Global Warming hoax is in full collapse, students will come to ask themselves – and their teachers – about just how much else in this ‘common core’ doctrine is false, obsolete nonsense, too. Another nice shot in the own foot, haha.

If you have any of your kids in there, have them ask their teachers to review “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science” and then discuss it in the class. That will silence ’em, for good. Have fun! 😉


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