Small Town Declares All-Out Offensive Against Tar Sands Port

Following Big Oil’s narrow victory over a grassroots initiative designed to block the construction of a tar sands export terminal, residents of South Portland, Maine are attempting to overrule that vote with a bid to outlaw the flow and processing of tar sands within city borders.

On Wednesday evening, members of the South Portland City Council voted unanimously to create a Draft Ordinance Committee with the explicit purpose of creating a new land-use rule to “prevent the flow and processing of unrefined tar sands in South Portland,” local media reports.

“It’s very pleasing to see all of us this evening take a stand that we do not want tar sands in our community and that we will not let it happen,” said Councilor Tom Blake.

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Can you feel the People Power? I do, and it feels great, i’m here to tell.


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