Video Report: Al Gore & His Global Warming Alarmist Allies Proven Wrong Again As Historic Winter Storm Blankets the Middle East in Snow from Jerusalem to Cairo!

Back in 2008, Former Vice President, Al Gore, said the “entire northern polar ice cap” would melt by 2013. Five years later, snow is blanketing Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt…

According to The Jerusalem Post, a highly unusual Winter Storm blanketed Jerusalem and several other Israeli cities with heavy snow and ice, leaving thousands without power over the weekend.

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Wherever Mr. Al “snowman” Gore goes, it’s all snow. Everywhere. The northern polar ice cap is still as large as usual, but the Global Warming fraudsters keep running around ‘promoting’ their disproven agenda to people who might still live under a rock or something. How long will it take until the last humans on the planet realize the fact that GW is a complete hoax?


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