Syrian Rebels Battle Among Themselves for Arms and Turf

Two dramatic announcements in the past 48 hours highlight major splits and factional battles taking place between rival elements of the Syrian opposition in the weeks leading up to the scheduled Geneva II conference on Jan. 22, 2014. First, the United States announced the suspension of all arms supplies to the Free Syrian Army in the north of the country. The announcement was made, according to one U.S. intelligence official, after a series of raids on FSA arms depots by Al Nusra and other radical jihadist factions. The FSA can no longer guarantee that they can control the arms being supplied to them and prevent them from falling into the hands of jihadist factions.

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Even the rebels – the somewhat mentally sane ones – realize that those muderous jihadist thugs must not be allowed to take power in any way, shape or form. Training extremists to be less-than-animals and then unleash them in another country will cause nothing but mayhem, instability and bi-partisan opposition from basically all other human beings on the planet. Hopefully this madness will be over soon.


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