LaRouche: “If It’s War or Revolution That You Want, Then Go Along with This Fake Volcker Rule!”

In a manic burst of activity to try to stop the increased momentum for restoration of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall protections, Obama’s Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, formerly Chief Operating Officer for Citigroup, convened all five of the Dodd-Frank regulatory bodies today, to vote up the so-called “Volcker Rule.” This was a ruse concocted by Obama and former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker in 2009 to try to head off Glass-Steagall at that time. In its original form, it would supposedly have ruled out “proprietry trading,” or trading on their own account by banks, under the false argument that this would have the same effect in protecting the citizens from Wall Street, as would complete separation of commercial from investment banking under Glass-Steagall. Its current form is so shot-through with exceptions as to be meaningless in any case.

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