The Corbett Report: Interview 788 – Michael Maharrey on Nullifying the NSA

Michael Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center joins us to discuss how a new campaign is seeking to use the concept of “nullification” to turn off the tap on the NSA…literally. Join us as we explore the history and future of nullification and what you can do to help stop the out of control NSA from spying on everyone.

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It’s about time i post something from James Corbett, an independent journalist who does a terrific job researching, interviewing, podcasting & thereby educating people about many important issues. I’m a regular listener since years now, and i’d certainly consider him to be one of those highly credible people i came to respect alot for his work.

As we’re at it, you might want to watch this podcast video from June 2013 in which he points out that We The People are indeed turning the tide against the bad guys despite all the gloom-n-doom fear-mongering all around us:

Episode 273 – We Are (Still) Winning


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