Bolivarianism Triumphs

On Sunday, Venezuelans voted. They did so for the 19th time since Chavez took office in February 1999.

They elected municipal mayors and other local officials. Nearly 2,800 positions were up for grabs. Ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates registered impressive victories.

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Despite the fact that basically the entire mainstream media in Venezuela is controlled by the financial oligarchs, constantly spewing endless anti Chavez, anti Maduro and anti Bolivarian hate propaganda – in Venezuela, freedom of the press is fully respected – the people of Venezuela give them the middle finger in election after election. The US government and their puppet masters can only watch in frustration over their inability to brainwash the people as well as their failing efforts to crush Venezuela’s economy into oblivion.

Hugo Chavez did it. He went out to the streets informing people about their constitutional rights, the people’s political power and the fact that there are forces who are trying to take that away. The people in Venezuela are now well-educated about these issues and that they must exercise their power in order to keep the bad guys at bay.


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