100 million Americans below poverty line

The “Inequality Boom” is what social scientist Sheldon Danziger, President of the Russell Sage Foundation here in New York, uses to describe the current condition of 100 million Americans – if the cost of housing, transportation and healthcare were subtracted from the median income of full-time workers. It’s a boom because under Danziger’s hypothesis, 100 million Americans is a whopping 33 percent of the total population; the Census Bureau figures only 15 percent of Americans, or 45 million, are below the $24,000 annual income level for poverty in a family of four.

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The one good thing about this is, it’s one surefire way to finally wake people up, including those still living in some kind of surreal denial. Bread & circus, one fundamental tool for any tyrant to never be neglected is collapsing, while at the same time the American people are still armed to the teeth, and we all still got the Internet and our many brave whistleblowers who realize that living in the world the bad guys have in store for us just ain’t worth living for. The collective greed & corruption of the sociopaths who are required by the bad guys to somehow hang on to their control is eventually the cause of their own downfall.


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