U.S. District Judge: Colorado Sheriffs Lack Standing to Join Gun Lawsuit

Back in May of 2013, 54 Colorado county sheriffs and 21 other parties filed a lawsuit complaining that two recent laws enacted by the Colorado legislature violated the Second and 14th Amendments. Without ruling on those complaints, Chief Judge Marcia Kreiger of the U.S. District Court of Colorado declared that the sheriffs lacked legal standing to bring the lawsuit.

Michael Schaus, the associate editor for Townhall.com, complained that the judge missed the point: “The sheriffs were not suing over fear that the laws would infringe on their “individual” rights. They were suing because of their fear that the law would infringe on the individual rights of the citizens they swore to uphold and defend…. Not only are they being charged with implementing law, but they are held accountable by the individuals they serve.”

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