Syria Army Seizes Israeli-Made Arms

The Syrian army says it has confiscated Israeli-made weapons in its latest operations against foreign-backed militants.

A military source told the Syrian news agency SANA on Sunday that Israeli weaponry — including missiles — were seized in an operation in the central city of Tadmur in Homs province.

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Of course these so-called ‘rebels’ get their military-grade equipment from nations which are hostile to the regime, because such things can’t be bought from the local baker’s shop. All violent ‘rebellions’ of this nature are staged by foreign powers. This has nothing to do with disgruntled taxpayers. It’s simply another western-backed war, only this time they do it in stealth mode because they failed to rally their domestic masses behind it, as the old propaganda no longer works. Eventually, this is a clear sign that We The People are finally winning. Hopefully, this horror in Syria will be over soon.


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